Gingerbread Men beware of Mr Fox

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            I was recently contacted by a contractor enquiring about electrical estimating a project for them, they told me it was for some houses and flats, they wanted to know how much it was going to cost, at this point I hadn’t even seen any information. I asked what is… Read more »

Great Expectations

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Chris Cardell talks about how our Great Expectations can thwart our success when they aren’t met. Worth a watch. Cardell Adavanced Thinking We have used the services of Chris Cardells advanced Marketing Techniques and weather your a seasoned expert or a novice the landscape is always changing, a lot of the material is free and… Read more »

Which Projects Should You Tender?

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  The Tender Evaluation toolkit can increase your conversion rates by answering some basic questions and scoring each opportunity. By answering straightforward questions the Estimating toolkit can help you to select which projects to estimate when faced with several choices. The Estimating Manager has to decide which to tender and which to turn down, but… Read more »