Estimating is expensive. It incurs cost and risk, so it’s always best to have a Mechanical and Electrical Contract Review system in place to put you in the best position to subjectively evaluate those risks. Whilst we can undertake your estimating work we can also assist your estimator by reviewing the contract documents. So before taking on more estimators consider UK Estimating Support.

Our Mechanical and Electrical Contract Review service examines all the non technical matters. Firstly the contract is reviewed and contract particulars. Key points are;

Payment terms, Retention period and percentage, Variation triggers, Notify able events, Start date, Completion date, Insurance requirements.

Particular site restrictions: location, delivery restriction, storage arrangements, off loading/unloading requirements, access and site security arrangements, work hours, occupied or unoccupied, any other contractors on site.

We will also review the contract and look at the articles of agreement.

First consideration in Mechanical and Electrical Contract Review is your position in the contractual payment chain. Are you a sub-contractor, main contractor or work packages contractor? Named, nominated or specified?

The standard forms of contract are:

JCT1980, JCT1981, JCT1988, JCT1984IFC (Intermediate form of contract), PPC2000, JCT1980 minor building works, NEC, Dom1, Dom2.

As an M&E subcontractor it is vital to ensure attendances you require are listed otherwise you can face future expensive counter

Our Royal institute charted surveyor (RICS) will review the contract and advise on changes to be made to reduce your contract risk. If you require we can assist in tender negotiation for you or along side you.