Gingerbread Men beware of Mr Fox

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            I was recently contacted by a contractor enquiring about electrical estimating a project for them, they told me it was for some houses and flats, they wanted to know how much it was going to cost, at this point I hadn’t even seen any information. I asked what is… Read more »

Do You have a Brexit clause in your offer?

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On the cusp of a major referendum to decide if we remain or leave the EU have you considered how it may affect your business when undertaking your Mechanical or Electrical Estimating? If we vote to leave we could see major currency fluctuations in sterling, this could mean that goods to be purchased or delivered may… Read more »

Electrical Estimating Specifications for O&M’s

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During the course of electrical estimating we have noticed there seems to be overkill these days in consultants specifications for  what they require for handover, are use the word THEY, because these are standard general specification clauses that are in the consultants standard speciation’s without thought or consideration to what the client might need or… Read more »

Watch out for this Shower

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          We have recently completed an electrical estimate for an office block toilet refurbishment project where shower circuits were being added and the lighting was being altered. The drawing called for 50A SP MCB and SWA supply, but didn’t mention that an RCBO should be fitted. BS 7671 :Reg 701.411.3.3 requires CIRCUITS FOR OR… Read more »

The Apprentice

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Sir Alan Sugar hosts the entertaining show The Apprentice, but I’ve noticed a subtle change, he’s actually looking for a business partner, not an Apprentice. Each year the candidates candidly say how good they are, and as the episode unfolds we soon discover that common sense, isn’t that common. The candidates sound very confident but… Read more »