20 ways to improve your win rate of tenders.

The following actions should improve the amount of tenders you win, time spent on these actions can improve your win rate.

  1. Identify the type of market that best fits your skills, resource and experience of your Company; your people are your greatest asset.
  2. Try to identify the projects at the earliest stages, i.e. outline planning stage try .Planning Pipe
  3. When a tender arrives use a tender score analysis tool
  4. Before commencing a tender, review the scope, programme and return date and evaluate the right amount of time to prepare your tender.
  5. Find out the competition, location and experience history with the project, design team and type of job.
  6. If you are invited to tender by a main contractor, try to obtain mutual exclusivity.
  7. identify the highest value elements of the tender and pay these more attention.
  8. Meet the decision makers early on.
  9. Review your discount structures on a regular basis.
  10. Identify areas of price improvement.

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