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Estimator Scale Rule

The first few days of 2016 have seen a flurry of new electrical estimating and mechanical estimating enquiries come through, one project  is a kind of hybrid,

where our customer is a sub-sub-contractor, this is where a larger company (financially) seeks prices for portions of the work that’s in their contract.

The usual practice is for the Sub-Contractor to purchase high value items and free issue these to the sub-sub-contractor, “SSC”.

The SSC usually also provides first fix materials. This can introduce misunderstanding for both parties as to what’s included and what isn’t.

We have taken great care to determine the scope and the estimate will have a definitive list of items we expect to be free issued. This can act as a staring point so both sides can get this right.

We have prepared a paper on this issue called chop and change.

Click here to download our Chop & Change

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