Improve the accuray of your electrical estimating with this standalone measuring wheel.

This speeds up the estimating measuring, Tender More Win More

giving your accurate electrical estimates time after time.

We have used this stand alone plan wheel for decades.

As you measure accurately your electrical estimate the wheel records the length of the route, giving you an accurate measure.

Just set the mode to the correct scale, then your ready to use.

There is also two buttons to allow you to add a constant for vertical drops say for sockets or switches as you measure the tender drawings.

It uses 2no AA batteries and with auto shut off they last a long time.

Use this link here to purchase

The LCD display shows the Electrcial Estimator how many metres has been measured, as you role the wheel it beeps.

There is a square metres button allowing you to quickly measure two sides and it will show the m2 of the area.

You can vary the units you measure in too, m, cm and km.

Essential for electrical estimating of fire alarm systems cables, LV submains, trays, baskets, trunking and subcircuits.

Tender More Win More