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It’s a fair assumption that Tender documents with the same reference and revision status are the same, but that’s not always the case.

We received such a drawing the other day. We had two drawings with the same document title, reference and revision on the title block and after printing the new document off it looked identical, but for the movement of a power point, however, on further comparison there was a note on the drawing concerning the containment and this had been subtly changed.

On the original drawing the note stated 300mm tray for CCTV/Intruder cabling, on the drawing received later but with the same title, drawing reference and revision the note now said 300mm tray for data cabling and 300mm tray for CCTV/Intruder cabling. This appeared still as one line as on the first drawing but the statement meant a doubling up of the total length of tray, at a cost of circa £3000!! Not bad for a drawing that appeared to be the same!!

Even more worrying perhaps for the client (paying for it) was the fact that the order may only list the Tender drawing and note annotate it, meaning that they may end up with one tray not two if the original drawing was taken as the contract document.

It’s often interpretation, qualifications and tender documents being listed that can preserve and enhance your profits