Have you got a Covid clause in your Tender letter?

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The Covid pandemic isn’t over and its one of the biggest

interrupters to the economy we have ever seen.

Electrical Estimators should be considering allowances for direct and indirect disruption.

it can impact on you and your business in several ways, internally and externally.

Covid Internal Factors

Internally Your work force and management resources maybe prohibited from moving freely or forced to self isolate.

Covid External Factors

Construction Site will have additional precautions to follow, these maybe varied by site, and are bound to impeded your working day, it maybe that the procedures prevent between 5% and 20% of the work being carried out normally.

This could be two fold, restricted space to work to maintain social distancing and hygiene measure taken to restrict the spread.

You may also experience supply chain/sub-contractor interruptions due to manufacturing delays or transport and shipping delays.

Existing Contracts

You may have contracts which commenced before Covid and have restarted with new restrictions not known about when you contracted to do the work you most certainly will be faced with additional costs

The link below is to the Construction Leadership Councils cost assessment toolkit and many other resources.

Email for our latest addition to the model tender letter.